stay down License Plate Bracket. (Caprice) stay down License Plate Bracket (Camaro) Single 6X9 Speaker Adapter Pair of 6X9 Speaker Adapters w Hardware 2 15 inch Chrome Wheels (NO TIRES) Jeep Steering Shafts Grey Camaro Shifter Handle (offset) N90 Camaro Wheels. set of 4 B&M/Hurst Shifter Body T-Top Bags with Straps (F-body) Accel 300+ Race Ignition with Chevy Billet Distrubtor. K&N Chrome Air Cleaner RCI 5 Point Cam Lock 3" Racing Harnesses 9311CD Y-type. (brand new but expired) 83-86 Camaro Dual Norkel Air Cleaner 7 American Racing "salt flat special" Center Caps with Hardware.

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